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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reasons for a Spanking

Spankings happen for lots of different reasons. When we were first starting out, there had to be a clear “why,” with reasons given and clearly understood. We had discussed in length when spankings were justified and when they were not. Bethany had thought about spanking (as had I) since she was a child and was so mesmerized by the process that she had in her mind even gone so far as to categorize spankings as to type – spankings for an offence, maintenance spankings, erotic spankings, etc. ( I still have a letter from our early years, where she explained her system. If I can scare it up, I’ll publish it here.)

As time goes on, our relationship has developed. We think about the mechanics of DD sometimes, but mostly everything runs on autopilot. The fact is, that while we do spanking for a living, we don’t do it ourselves every day. It does not dominate our lives; it is a spice sometimes, but most times it is an unseen background. Punishment spankings are rare. Most of the time, she will be spanked for fun or as a prelude to sex.

Sometimes, when she asks, “Why am I getting a spanking?” I will say, “Because it pleases me.” These spankings are rarely very hard. They happen because I am in a spanky mood, such as when we are on a shoot and there are red, bare bottoms all ‘round, or when we haven’t made love for a while. They serve to cement our relationship and reaffirm our respective roles in the marriage.

But sometimes they happen because Bethany needs them. When I know the stresses of our fast-paced lives have gotten to be too much, I simply call her to me, gently place her over my lap, and spank her until her frustrations and stresses flow onto the floor. I spank her not harshly or out of anger, but because she needs it. These are the best spankings of all.


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous said...

When you spank Bethany, do you use different implements for different types of spanking? Like hand spanking for fun and hairbrush for serious stuff, or do you mix it up?


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