Police Officer Tracy Cowan leaned forward on the balls of her feet, trying to ease the pain that came from standing in one spot for too long. She surveyed the long line of kids waiting their turn to see the department store Santa, and silently cursed the unknown theif who had been responsible for the rash of purse snatchings that made her presence necessary. She reached behind her bent her back, trying to ease the cramped stiffness, and in so doing, she brushed her hands over the swelling of her buttocks under the regulation uniform. She could still feel the faint, stining tingle from the spanking, and remember back to just a few hours ago.

Tracy Cowan sat on the edge of her bed, and looked at the floor between her sock feet. It was Christmas time, Santa was coming to see what she wanted for a present, like he did every year, and to discuss whether or not she had been a good girl. She felt excitement at the thought of her gift list for this year. A Barbie doll, with all the latest clothes, a new bike, a Nintendo set with the neat gun that you fired at ducks on the TV screen, and of course new clothes. Her hope soared in her chest, making her breathing come in heavy anticipation. She'd tell Santa how good she'd been all year, and surely he would be moved to grant her requests. Soon, now, he would come and she would sit on his knee and oooooh she just couldn't wait.

The sound of heavy steps on the stairs, and the merry tingle of the bells on his boots brought the girl out of her reverie. He's coming! The sounds stopped outside her door. He's almost here! The knob turned slowly. Right now!! Tracy sat up straight on her bed, knees together, and smoothed the front of her skirt, and straightened the material of her blouse over her budding breasts. "They really are getting bigger.” she thought to herself, enjoying the hardening of her nipples as she did so. The door opened and Tracy's concentration went back to the big man in red that she had been patiently waiting for, and in walked Santa.

The beard was whiter than white, and the rosy red cheeks, were all the more red, surrounded as they were by the white fur trim of his red hat. The shiny black belt around his ample tummy, the white gloved hands inserted in the front, jiggled as he walked, and matched perfectly the black boots with the little bells on them. "HO! HO! HO!” he bellowed in that low, grandfatherly voice that Santa always had. "Merry Christmas, Tracy, HO! HO!”

Tracy sprang from the bed and raced over to the man, wrapping her arms around Santa, and hugging him tightly. "OH SANTA!” she exclaimed breathlessly. "I've been waiting for you all night, and now -- now you're finally here! I can't believe it! You're here.”

"HO HO HO. Of course I'm here.” he said squeezing the girl's shoulders and stroking the long, straight blonde hair. "Did you think that I would forget to visit such a lovely, little girl as you?” Tracy just shook her head, no, and continued to bury her face in the red tunic, where the faint trace of pipe tobacco was clearly detectable. "Of course you didn't. HO HO HO! Why, you're the reason that I came all the way from the North Pole, five weeks before Christmas, HO HO.” He held her out and looked down into the bright blue eyes. "Why don't you come over here,” he said, pointing to the edge of the bed, "and sit on my lap.” Tracy took his hand in both of hers and led him to the bed, like any excited child would do.

"Oh, yes!” she exclaimed, seating him and climbing onto his lap, and wrapping her arms around his neck. "I've been a good girl, all year.” she said breathlessly, "And I want a Barbie doll, with all the latest clothes, and ...”

"Hold it, just a minute young lady.” Santa said, "You said you've been good all year?” Santa looked deep into the girl's eyes as she nodded her head emphatically. "Well, let's just take a quick peak at my notebook, shall we.” he said reaching into the huge pocket of his tunic and pulling out a small red note pad. Tracy nodded her head again, and laid her head on Santa's shoulder, as he leafed through several sheets on the pad. "Here we are! Tracy Cowan --- What! My oh my oh my!” he said turning a page. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Are you sure you've been a good girl?” he asked

"Yes, sir.” Tracy said into his beard.

"Well, that's not what my notes tell me, Tracy. According to my records, you've been a most naughty little girl. Not keeping your room clean, not coming home on time, not doing homework,...”, Santa flipped a page over and continued to read.

"That wasn't me.” Tracy protested, while a small knot of fear started to grow in her tummy.

"Don't interrupt when I'm speaking.” he commanded. "That's being rude and impolite, to say the least.” Tracy nodded her head as Santa continued to read from his notes. "Disobeying your daddy, sassing him back, playing tricks on him like turning on his car lights...”

"That was an accident. I didn't mean to run his old battery down. It just happened.”

"You are interrupting me again.” Santa admonished.

"I'm sorry, Santa.” Tracy said humbly, looking at her knees.

"As I was saying; turning on his car lights, and hiding his keys, and turning on the hot water in the sink while he was in the shower. Did you do those things?”

"I, I, guess so.” she stammered as the fear in her tummy grew to gigantic proportions.

"And what's this,” Santa continued to check his notes, "about you wetting your pants? Did you do that?” Tracy nodded again. "That is really naughty isn't it? Especially for a girl of your age?” Tracy felt a wave of embarassment flow over her at the mention of this intimate and humiliating event. "And you still think you've been a good girl?”

Tracy felt the guilt well up within her, as she shook her head no. She'd been a naughty little girl all year, and she knew it, and hung her head in shame. "In fact,” he continued, "you've been a bad girl, haven't you?” Again Tracy nodded agreement, too ashamed to speak out loud. "What do you think I should do with such a bad girl?” Santa asked, his beard moving with each word.

"I don't know.” Tracy said quietly.

"Well, young lady,” Santa said standing the girl up. "I think that what you deserve is a good, old-fashioned spanking for being such a bad little girl.” Tracy felt a sudden thrust of fear and anticipation through her entire being, except for the area between her legs, which pulsed with a liquid heat that quickly spread across her thighs and up her abdomen. "Can you think of any reason that you shouldn't be spanked?” Santa asked, looking her directly in the eyes. The thought of being spanked scared Tracy, and thrilled her at the same time, but she couldn't find the strength to answer the man, so she remained silent.

"Very well then, Tracy,” he said guiding the girl around to his right side, and edging her till she the front of her young thighs touched the outer edge of his right leg. Tracy realized that she was being put into position to lay across his knee, and she found her voice, at the edge of tears.

"Please don't spank me.” she pleaded. "I'll be a good girl.” but Santa held her left arm above the elbow and by applying gentle pressure, urged the protesting girl down over his knee. "Really I will. Please don't spank me.” she said as her weight fell and rested completely in the undignified position.

"I'm sorry,” Santa said while removing his white glove and rolling up the sleeve of his red coat. "But you have been a bad little girl, and you've left me no choice but to punish you most severely. You deserve a good spanking. I've put you across my knee in the proper position for a spanking, and you are going to get a good spanking.” His glove removed and his sleeve rolled up, Santa reached down to the hem of the girl's skirt, and started to pull it up, slowly exposing the girl's thighs, and the stretched material of her pink panties. Tracy didn't appear to notice the raising of her dress. Instead she just buried her face in the blankets, and sobbed quietly, as Santa gently laid the bundled skirt above the elastic waistband of her underpants. Then, ever so slowly, he inserted his fingers in the garment, and started inching it down. Tracy became aware of what was happening to her then, and reached back to stop him. "No, Santa, please don't pull my panties down!” she pleaded. "I'll be good, but don't spank my bare heiny.” she tried to stop his hand, and pull her dress down at the same time, and failed in both efforts. "I don't want you to see me bare naked. Please don't spank me bare!” she cried. But Santa just took a firm grip on her right wrist and pulled it sharply into the middle of the girl's back, and pushing down smartly.

"You've been a very bad little girl, Tracy.” he said as he inserted his right hand into the pink panties and started easing them down again. "And although Santa doesn't like to do this,”. He eased the garment down exposing the upper crack between her young cheeks. "You are going to be spanked on your naughty” the material bunched up and Santa pulled it down over the crest of her behind, "bare” --- her behind completely exposed, Santa shucked down the girl's panties at the right and left thigh, "bum.”. Santa, aided by the girl's attempts to avoid it, pushed the underwear down till it rested in an untidy heap at her knees. Tracy, resigned to her fate, cried quietly, as an embarassed flush spread across the surface of her exposed bottom. Gone was the fear and anticipation. It had been completely replaced by the liquid-like turmoil in her young loins.

Santa viewed the trembling behind over his knee, and gently stroked the twin mounds, noting the sudden appearance of the goose pimples on it's otherwise smooth surface. He traced one finger down the crack and the pimples multiplied in number, as he placed his flat palm firmly down on the middle of the right cheek. He paused and allowed the warmth to build a little, before raising his hand shoulder high. He paused, as Tracy sobbed a gentle sob, then brought it down with a resounding "SLAP” exactly where it had rested a second ago. "OWWW!” Tracy cried, arching her back as much as her position would allow. Santa held his hand in place for a second and allowed the girl to relax before lifting his hand and noting the pink spot it had covered. "SMACK” his second spank landed in exactly the same position on Tracy's left buttock. "OUCH!” Tracy cried but didn't arch her back, as Santa's hand landed for the third spank. Within seconds, Tracy's bum was a light shade of pink, and her sobs had turned to a continuous humming sound. After about thirty spanks, Santa stopped to check on his progress. Her bum was a uniform shade of red, now, but his wasn't finished yet. "Are you going to mind your manners?” --- spank, spank, spank ---

"Yesss, Santa. --- Please don't spank me any more!”

"And are you going to mind you daddy?” --- five more landed on the girl's bare bum, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank. "And not play any tricks on him?”

"OWWW! Yes. Oh, Yess!” she squealed.

"And are you going to do your homework, and keep your room clean?” --- spank, spank, --- "Are you?” --- spank.

"Yessss. Please, don't spank me any more. I'll be a good girl. I promise.”

"And are you going to be good girl, and not wet your pants again?” --- ten more spanks landed, five on each cheek of the already red bum.

"Yes, Santa.” Tracy cried, her breathing coming in deep sobs. "I'll be a good girl, and I won't pee my panties again. Honest, I won't.”

"You had better,” -- spank, spank -- "be a good girl,” -- spank, spank, -- "Tracy.” -- spank, spank, -- "Because if you don't” -- spank, spank, -- "Santa will have to come back,” -- spank, spank -- "and” -- spank, spank, -- "really give you” -- spank, spank -- "what for” -- spank, spank, -- "with his belt.” Tracy tensed as the first wave of her orgasm exploded over her, hitting her lungs and breasts and flashing out to every corner of her body.

"Yesssss, Santaaaaa!” she screamed as the pain in her behind, mingled with the lava flow from between her legs, and set fire to her whole being.

- - - - - - -

Twenty minutes later, as Tracy lay spooned with her back against his stomach, his arms firmly snuggled around her, she held her husband's throbbing cock deep in her and luxuriated in the hot trickling sensation of their combined fluids as it seeped out of her neatly shaved vagina and snaked across the hemisphere of her well-spanked bottom. "That was precisely what I wanted.” she thought to herself. "A whole lot better than I ever dreamed it could be.” The Santa suit and her little girl dress were on the floor.

She glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table, mentally giving them an hour before they had to start getting dressed for their shift at the police station, and while he rested, she considered other role-playing scenarios that they could do. Minister and confessor, teacher and student, father and daughter, brother and sister, cop and hooker --- that one sounded real good --- ..............